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The Popular & Elusive Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

The Popular & Elusive Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

astral's fiddle leaf fig tree on astral riles blog

Hi all! Just a side note: I am so EXCITED that my home was featured on the Interiors section of the super popular Design*Sponge blog. YAY! Click here to go check it out.

Lately, my love for big leafy green live houseplants has been growing tremendously. I now currently have 35...yes, I said THIRTY-FIVE houseplants in my home including, several cacti & succulents, lucky bamboo, a Split Leaf Philodendron, Yucca, etc etc etc. I am constantly on the hunt for the lovely, yet elusive Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree aka Ficus Lyrata. The Fiddle Leaf Fig is probably thee sexiest houseplant EVER! Their big hearty green leaves exude sophistication to me...especially when the tree is super tall and potted in a gorgeous planter. This is a great houseplant to decorate with. Yes, you can accessorize with houseplants!

The problem with this common houseplant is that it really ain't so COMMON at all! This sucka is super hard to find. Actually, I have ran across a few sites online that sell the plants, but the average cost for a 5ft - 7ft potted tree is between $200 - $400. Ummmmm...there's no freaking way that I am paying that. I was thinking maybe like 30 bucks max. LBVVS. I think what I am going to do is purchase a baby tree and try to grow it myself. Ok, sure, its going to take a super duper long time to get to my ideal size, but I guess it'll be fun to watch it grow right? has a baby tree in a 4" pot for $7.99. So, that's the plan. The order has been placed. I will document the growth as it happens. Hopefully I don't kill the poor plant before it even hits 2 feet tall. :) also carries the plant. It comes in an 8" pot for $16.99. (UPDATE 3/7/16: has increased the price on the  8" pot. It is now $29.97. I guess they got hip and realized how popular this plant is. BUT, in my local Home Depot store, the same size plant usually runs around $12.) You may also be able to find the plants at some IKEAs or your local nursery.

Below are a few pics that I found around online of my new found fiddle leaf love.

14in Ficus lyrata Standard Scaled

Ficus lyrata


fiddle leaf fig

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Fiddle-Leaf-Fig-Tree 2


Ok, since I originally wrote this post in June 2014, I have purchased and KILLED 10 fiddle leaf fig plants. These little buggers are totally super hard to care for. None of those plants lasted longer than a month or so. They started dropping leaves as soon as I got them home.

This 1st one was originally pretty big and had a bunch of leaves. I purchased it in October 2014. As you can only has about 4 leaves left. They are brown BUT they are holding strong. So far! Now, through a lot of trial and error, I have gotten my watering schedule under control.

UPDATE: as of April 2015...This fig is no more. It finally kicked the bucket! R.I.P. Figgy-Poo :(

Fiddle leaf fig plant on 1

Fiddle leaf fig plant on 2


From what I have learned so far, there are 4 things that play a major role in caring for these plants: 1. Make sure to have bright, filtered SUNLIGHT 2. Most importantly do NOT OVER-WATER 3. Keep away from drafty windows & away from heating vents / AC vents 4. Keep the leaves clean. (I clean the leaves with a cloth and a dab of coconut oil. It makes the leaves look shiny and lush). 5. Pruning the plant can force new leaves to bud. (It's probably best to prune from the top). 

Over-watering the plants will turn the leaves dark brown and the leaves will start to drop fast. Also do not let the plant sit in water either. To solve my over-watering issues, I purchased a Soil Moisture Meter. I got mine on Amazon for about 7 bucks. It is a life-saver for sure! It will let you know if the soil is dry or if it is still wet. If the meter says the soil is wet... DO NOT water. Let the soil dry out completely before watering again.

Here are some pics of my newest plant. I got this one from my local Home Depot Store in January 2015. I am so proud of myself because it's still alive!!! :)

Fiddle leaf fig plant on

Fiddle leaf fig plant on 5

Fiddle leaf fig plant on 3

Fiddle leaf fig plant on 6 Fiddle leaf fig plant on 8

Almost 2 months later and it hasn't dropped not one leaf yet! I have been very diligent about making sure I don't over-water. And one key thing that adds to this plant doing better than the others is that I moved it to a different area in the house. It resides in my bedroom and gets direct sunlight exposure from an East-facing window. As you can see, some of the leaves have light gray-ish ends. I am not sure what this is, but it's different from the "leaf browning" that occurred on the other plants. Either way, I am not gonna complain because it's still alive & kickin! I can't wait until it starts budding new leaves. The following plant was added to the family in March 2015. It's thriving so far. It is getting direct - full sunlight. Ain't she pretty!  (UPDATE 3/6/16: It's one year later and this plant is still alive and kickin'. It did loose some leaves and it went dormant for a while. But now im starting to see some new buds peeking out.)  fiddle leaf fig plant on astral riles LATEST UPDATE: On 3/5/16, I brought home my DREAM TREE. Meet "Lola"...she's my new 7ft tall fiddle leaf fig tree. Isn't she beautiful? :) This baby did set me back a few bucks BUT it was still cheaper than some others out there. I found this one at a local nursery / greenhouse for $105. It was sooooo worth it! Oh, btw a new tip I've learned is to keep the leaves clean so that they can absorb the sun better. So when I got her in the house, the 1st thing I did was wipe all of the dirt and other grimmy stuff off of the leaves. AND I used a soft towel and rubbed coconut oil on all of the leaves. It makes the plant shiny and happy. fiddle leaf fig huge tree on astral riles astral's fiddle leaf fig tree on astral riles blog many fiddle leaf fig plants do YOU have in your house? And how many have kicked the bucket? lol

Do you have any recommendations / suggestions on good places to purchase them?

Jan 20, 2017

Ikea sells the fiddle-leaf fig (although I am uncertain how tall they are).

Jan 20, 2017

One word: IKEA. For the low low price of $12! My mother in law bought me a housewarming gift of the biggest Fiddle Fig you’ve ever seen, it cost over $200 and isn’t nearly as healthy as my little el cheap-o. My $12 tree has doubled in size over the winter and I couldn’t be happier.

Bright indirect sunlight, mist it every few days with a spray bottle and I water mine every day, about a cup. Love my trees!

Jan 20, 2017

Thank you for this information. i was thinking that you finally found a large tree since you had already ordered a tiny one from

Jan 20, 2017

Thx Deneen,
I finally found a fiddle leaf fig plant but it wasn’t a large one like I wanted. It was only a small plant that came in a 10" pot. I got it online from

Ikea sells them as well BUT, unfortunately they are not at the Ikea in Bolingbrook, which is the closest to me. I am not sure about Schaumburg though.

Jan 20, 2017

Hello, Astral (just discovered your blog today via & introduced myself in another one of your posts). I love fig trees & need one for my home (along with a few other plants). Did you finally find a large fig tree? If so, please tell me where (I live in the south suburbs). Meanwhile, I wonder if the “local” Ikea (at least 45 minutes away) sells them.

Jan 20, 2017

Thanks for the great tip Brandy! I finally got one and the tips of the leaves are turning brown. Maybe I am not watering it enough. I just water once per week.

Jan 20, 2017

Hi there, what were the sites where you found the larger more expensive ones you mention in the beginning? Thanks :)

Jan 20, 2017

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Jan 20, 2017

Hi Diane.

Unfortunately, I have killed about 8 of them so far. lbvvs. They are very hard to care for. I love them so much, so I am going to keep trying. I guess it’s just trial and error. One thing I do know for sure though is that you can’t over-water them. That contributes to the dark spots and then the leaves drop off.

Jan 20, 2017

I found my fiddle-leaf fig at a florist. I think I paid $30 maybe. Its beautiful. But it has started getting black spots on the leaves, what is this all about?


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