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Rustoleum: My Spray Paint Brand Preference

Rustoleum: My Spray Paint Brand Preference

Throughout all of my furniture refurb projects, I have come to find that I prefer RustOleum brand over the Krylon or any other brand spray paint. For the most part I use the "RustOleum PaintPlus 2x Ultra Cover".  And since 1 can has 2x the coverage, I rarely ever have to use a primer before I start painting. S/N: If you plan to buy spray paint, please do NOT buy it from the fabric/craft stores like JoAnn's, Hancock Fabrics, etc because they will indeed rip you off. They charge between like $7 - $10 for a can of spray paint... which is ridiculous! Honestly, I have found Walmart to have the cheapest prices on spray paint. Not all stores carry the same paint colors, so if I can't find what the color I'm looking for at Walmart, then I'll buy from Home Depot, Lowes or Menards…but never never never from the craft stores!!!! This brand comes in soooooo many different colors, finishes & textures! I love the fact that there are so many options.   rusto-1   rusto-2   rusto-4   rusto-3   spray paint
Jan 20, 2017

omg I loooove menards! non-midwesterners just don’t undersand! I can usually find what I need there… and yes, the rustoleum painter’s touch is the truth!

Yetunde Rodriguez

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