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Restoring a Vintage Dining Table

Restoring a Vintage Dining Table

MAIN-refinished-MCM-dining-table-on-astralriles.com_1 I finally decided to work on a dining table set that I had in my garage. Honestly, I couldn't even tell you exactly WHEN I purchased it...all I do remember is that I only paid 80 bucks for it at the thrift store. That was a STEAL for a vintage mid century modern solid wood dining table. And the chairs alone are worth way more. The table was a hott mess, but I fell in love with those chairs the second that I laid eyes on them. This time, I am not restoring this piece for myself. The plan is to refinish the table & chairs and list the set FOR SALE! Let's take a look the transformation shall we... »»»»SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG«««« [mc4wp_form]


MCM table - BEFORE 2 mcm table - before 4 mcm table - before 5 mcm table - before 8 Before - mcm chairs mcm chairs - before 3 chair upholstery - AddEmoticons04279 Ok, so clearly the table AND the chairs need a little work. RIGHT???? The table had several scratches and blemishes, plus the 2 leaf extensions were somehow different colors from the rest of the table. Super weird. But, an easy fix! I used a gel paint stripper by Klean Strip to remove most of the previous gloss coat and finish. I let it set for 15 minutes and used a putty knife to scrap off the old finish. Next, I chose to use an orbital sander w/ 100-grit paper to remove an excess old finish from the table. NOW, I am sure that this method will probably piss off those "furniture purists" aka {"Furniture Restoration Nazis"}!!! But who cares!!!! Apparently, it's like a mortal sin to use an orbital sander to refinish wood furniture! WHATEVER! Who the heck has time to hand sand a big-a** dining table? NOT ME that's for sure. But anyhoo, as long as you are careful, go slow, and use the proper grit sanding paper, there is nothing wrong with using an orbital sander. Since the orbital sander rotates in a circular motion, there is a very slim chance to mess up the wood grain pattern/design. mcm table - before 6 mcm table - before 3 materials Stripping table After the initial sanding, I changed the sanding paper to a fine 180-grit to smooth the surface an prep for the stain. Next, I applied a dark walnut wood stain by Minwax. The 1st stain coat went on perfectly and turns out I actually only needed 1 application. Once the stain dried, I lightly hand sanded the table using a fine sanding sponge. Then I applied several coats of low-gloss Tung Oil. Staining 2 -  refinished MCM dining table on Staining -  refinished MCM dining table on As far as the chairs go, I didn't do much to them but reupholster the seats with a soft black vinyl fabric. I wanted to keep everything simple as to retain that original vintage vibe. MCM Chairs - AFTER -  on


After -  refinished MCM dining table on After 2 -  refinished MCM dining table on After 4 -  refinished MCM dining table on after 5 -  refinished MCM dining table on after 7 -  refinished MCM dining table on MAIN -  refinished MCM dining table on header - refinished MCM dining table on before and after mcm dining table So what do you think of the transformation? I love vintage furniture and I really want to keep this piece all for myself BUT, I am willing to it needs to find a new home. The item is now posted for sale on Don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter. And make your friends do it too!!!! :) [mc4wp_form] S/N: if you're in the mood to purchase some one-of-akind handmade home is a link to my Etsy Shop:

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