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Reselling My Vintage Thrift Store Finds: Another Man's Trash Is...

Reselling My Vintage Thrift Store Finds: Another Man's Trash Is...

MAIN - vintage blue velvet dining chairs 2 on astralriles Hi folks! As you all know...I love thrifting and I am totally into collecting vintage / mid century modern pieces and reselling them. That is yet ANOTHER hobby of mine. And also, it's a great way for me to make some extra cash...which in turn funds all of my other hobbies! LBVS Today, I just wanted to share a few of my latest thrift store finds. In addition to that, I will share how much I initially paid for the item, how long it took to sale it and how much the item sold for. Some of my friends/family may think I have an "addiction" to thrifting, which may possibly be true BUT there is a method to my madness. I think I have somewhat of a good eye, and who cares if I am in the thrift store 3 times a week buying stuff if I will eventually make my money back...and then some! And maybe I'll inspire some of you to start thrifing as well. Who knows, you might like it. :) Ok so, here we go...


- Original Cost: $40 minus a 15% sale discount - The amount of time the item took to sale: 3 days - Sold Price: $150 PROFIT: $116 vintage mcm lane rythmn nightstand on This piece was in great condition. I didn't have to do anything to it to spruce it up either. It's actually something that I considered keeping for myself. »»»»SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG«««« [mc4wp_form]


- Original Cost: $20 minus a 15% sale discount - The amount of time the item took to sale: 2 weeks - Sold Price: $175 PROFIT: $158 vintage mcm salton hotray warming cart on Serving Carts / Bar carts are a HUGE thing right now. They are great for displaying bar items and for general storage as well. This piece was pretty unique because it is a warming cart. You can plug in the cart and the top tray actually heats up. Surprisingly, it was still in excellent working condition, which made it way more easy to resell. Back in the day, people used this to keep food warm during dinner parties, etc. Its kind of cool. I knew I could sell something like this. Plus the piece is versatile, so if one didn't want to use the warming feature, the plug could be removed and the cart could just be used for something else.


- Original Cost: $60 - The amount of time the item took to sale: 5 weeks - Sold Price: $350 PROFIT: $290 vintage blue velvet dining chairs on These chairs were gorgeous and in great condition when I found them. I couldn't believe they were only priced at 60 bucks TOTAL!!! There were a few stains on the fabric, so I did a deep cleaning on all of the upholstery. (FYI, it pays to have your own carpet / upholstery cleaner at home. Comes in handy for stuff like this!) They took a while to sell only because I refused to accept low-ball offers. Sometimes you just have to hold out for the right buyer.


- Original Cost: $20 - The amount of time the item took to sale: 4 weeks - Sold Price: $200 PROFIT: $180 vintage danish mcm walnut dining table on I didn't need to do much to this table either. It did have some minor scratches & imperfections but, I really didn't feel like stripping the table and refinishing it. Plus its freezing outside and I wouldn't be able to work in my garage. The solution was to rub it down with this AWESOME product called Howard's "Restor-A-Finish". It brings back the original color and luster to the finish while blending out the blemishes and minor scratches. All I needed was an old rag and a piece of extra fine steel wool. It's a simple rub on - wipe off procedure and only took me about 15 minutes. Now the scratches are barely noticeable. (Note: The steel wool is only required for deep scratches or for removing water rings/marks, etc).


- Original Cost: $50 *This is my most recent thrift store find. I actually purchased this piece a few days ago. So it has not sold yet. Because I have posted the item for sale at a higher price-point, it might take a while to unload. For this piece I am definitely willing to hold out for the right buyer, because I know the value of it. - Asking Price: $850 obo rare haywood wakefield cadence dresser on So, in summary, another man's trash is MY TREASURER!!! Keep giving away these awesome pieces so I can come scoop them up! :) * Don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter. And please share with you friends! :)  [mc4wp_form] Also, if you're in the mood to purchase some cool home is a link to my Etsy Shop:

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