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Pruning & Propagating Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants

Pruning & Propagating Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants

full 7ft tall fiddle leaf fig tree - astral riles blog THIS! WAS my plush Fiddle Leaf Fig tree 4 months ago. Now here's the thing...I made the MISTAKE deliberate choice of putting the plant next to a floor vent...Mainly because there was no other place to put the huge thing! It's been chilly so, of course the heat has been on. These plants do NOT like any type of drafts (cold or hot). I also gave the plant too much fertilzer when I watered it. Another no-no! So, the combination of these two actions caused several of the leaves to get dark spots. Only a few leaves actually dropped, but the dark spots made the plant look hideous...and unhealthy. {Btw, I have additional tips on how to care for Fiddle Leaf Figs listed in an older post.} So, even though it hurt my soul, I decided to give Lola a pruning. Yup, "Lola" is the name I gave her!!! :) I pruned off all of the bad leaves, in addition to some of the actual stems too. DID YOU KNOW THAT PRUNING YOUR FIGS FORCES NEW LEAVES TO SHOOT OUT? well.... know ya know! Here's my Lola after pruning. She looks so sad. :( pruned fiddle leaf fig tree - astral riles blog I intentionally cut some of the stems making sure that they had at leave 2-3 leaves on them AND that the stem was long enough for me to stick in the dirt. This is my attempt at propagating the plant. I cut the stems and dipped the end of the stem into some Rooting Hormone Powder, which is suppose to help the roots grow faster. I got my rooting hormone powder from The Home Depot and it was less than $6. using rooting hormone to propagate a fiddle leaf fig - on astral riles blog After dipping the stems in the rooting powder, I dug a little hole in the potting soil and just stuck the stem down in the soil. I didn't water it right away. I waited to the next day...There was no rhyme or reason for's just what I chose to do. propagated fiddle leaf fig tree - astral riles blog Well, about 2 weeks after giving my Lola a massive pruning, she has started to sprout new leaves. And I am sooooooo freaking HAPPY!!!!! YAY new growth on fiddle leaf fig tree - astral riles blog When you prune your plant, you can also try the water propagation method. For this method, you can get LIQUID rooting hormone. propagating - rooting fiddle leaf fig tree in water - astral riles blog At a later date, I will do another follow-up post noting the results of my propagating projects. So stay tuned.... -- Before I are a few pics of some of my other houseplant babies. These are only a handful. I currently have about 30 houseplants. :) IMG_9925 IMG_0061 IMG_0088 IMG_0095 IMG_0620 IMG_0296 IMG_0469 (1) IMG_0060 UNTIL NEXT TIME FOLKS! feature - new growth on fiddle leaf fig tree - astral riles blog
Jan 20, 2017

I’m pretty sure the neighbors heard the gasp I just let out after seeing the picture of your poor fiddle leaf! I was not expecting that. Hope it’s looking much better now!


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