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DIY Painted Upholstered Chair

DIY Painted Upholstered Chair

Last year I found this chair at the thrift store for $40. It was in great condition, so I purchased it with the intention of reupholstering it. Well, after realizing how expensive it would be to reupholster, I quickly abandoned that idea. While browsing the internet for alternatives, I came across a few blogs that discussed painting upholstered furniture as an alternative to reupholstering. During my search, one blog in particular stood out to me. I decided to follow the painting tutorial from Kristy Swan of Hyphen Interiors. You can click the link below to see the actual painting process:

Below are the before and after pics from my painting experiment. I used Behr "Black Suede" paint in satin finish for the upholstery and Behr "Ultra Pure White" in semi-gloss finish for the wood trim. During the painting process, there were a few steps that I omitted (meaning that I actually forgot to do them). LOL. There are quite a few flaws, but oh well. At this point, I am not sure if this little experiment was a success OR a fail! You be the judge!!!!!!








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Jan 20, 2017

It looks cool! How does it feel? Is the fabric soft or crunchy? I have a crushed velvet midcentury chair that I’m thinking of painting, now that I’ve seen your project.

Jan 20, 2017

Hey LaKaye!

I say go for it!!! Just be mindful of the finish of paint that you use. If you choose a semi-gloss or hi-gloss paint latex, the fabric will end up being more hard leather or vinyl like. So it just depends on the feel you want. Maybe just stick with a satin finish and make sure to add Fabric Medium, which can be purchased at any fabric or hobby store.
If in the end you decide not to paint, you can always just get a sofa cover. If the sofa is an odd shape, you can get one of those microfiber stretch covers. They work miracles in transforming furniture…they look brand new. Check out SureFit . They have tons of sofa cover options. You can even order free samples of the fabric. And Bed, Bath and Beyond also sells the SureFit covers…and you can use the 20% off coupon there! :)
Send me a pic of the sofa so I can see what it looks like.

Jan 20, 2017

I have an antique sofa that was ruined in the rain. I’m thinking about painting it white (It’s now yellowed off-white) But I’m so nervous to paint it. I know I can’t afford to recover. Are there any pieces you’d recommend NOT painting? I want to just go for it, but I’m scared!

LaKaye Mbah
Jan 20, 2017

Have you used any wax to create a softer feel.

Jan 20, 2017

Hi Julie,

Sorry for the laet response. Orignally the fabric was like a crushed velvet. But after painting it using a satin finish latex paint it now feels more like a soft vinyl or leather. Its a bit harder than it was at 1st. But it is not crunchy at all.


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