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My Top 10 Favorite Online Shopping Sites For Home Decor

My Top 10 Favorite Online Shopping Sites For Home Decor

Top 10 online shopping site for home decor on Sometimes we aren't always able to drive around aimlessly and waste hours and hours going from one store to the next trying to price match and find that one perfect home decor item that we need. Luckily, we have the option to do most of our shopping online...from home...from work...and even on our phones while taking a walk in the park. That's just how easy it is. When I am searching for a specific item, I find that online retailers are a great resource. And sometimes you can even find better deals online compared to the "in-store" prices. Just in case you are wondering where I do my shopping, I have compiled a  list of my Top 10 Favorite Online Retailers For Home Decor, Furniture and accessories PLUS  (a few retailers that are on my "Shopping Wish List" because they are just way too expensive!) 1.) Wayfair  is my absolute #1 FAV shopping site. They have EVERYTHING you could possibly think of from furniture, small kitchen appliances, cookware, decor, lighting, etc. If you are looking for a deal, the prices  are great. They even offer free shipping on most of their items. Another plus about this site is that I get a Designer Trade discount, so that comes in handy when I am making purchases for myself and my clients. wayfair logo on

2.) Home Decorators Collection is another great place to go for home decor & furniture. The quality of their products is also pretty good. Some items may be a bit on the pricey side, BUT depending on the item, I don't mind paying for it. This is also one of my go-to stores to get good quality areas rugs as well. One thing that most people don't know is that Home Decorators Collection is affiliated with The Home Depot. A few of the Home Decorators products are also sold on and in their stores. And another cool thing is that if you have a Home Depot credit card account, you can use it to make online & catalog purchases from Home Decorators Collection. Home Decorators Collection on

3.) FLOR is "a system of carpet squares that you assemble to create area rugs, wall-to-wall designs or runners." With these eco-friendly 19.7" x 19.7" carpet tiles you have the option to customize your own area rugs.  All of the tiles are made from a percentage recyclable material. Plus they are super easy to assemble. Another cool thing is that they don’t have to be glued to the floor. There is a small sticker that is used to connect each piece together on the backside of the tile.  And the absolute best thing about them is, if you spill something and/or if 1 tile gets dirty, you can pull up that particular tile wash it or replace it without having to buy a completely new rug. I have made several purchases from FLOR and I freakin LOVE them. I even did a short blog post about them last year, which featured some of the projects that I used the carpets tiles in. FLOR on

4.) Rugs USA not only sells area rugs, but they also sell furniture, pillows and lighting. They have sales DAILY! If you find an item that you're interested in, keep checking back on it often, because even with the "sales / promotions", the actual original prices tend to fluctuate a bit. I purchased a Moroccan Shag Rug from them about 3 months ago and it is one of my favorite things in the world right now. And I got a great deal on it. They also offer free shipping & easy returns...which is a PLUS in my book. rugs usa logo on 5.) Overstock is another on of those online-only retailers that sale EVERYTHING that your little heart can possibly desire. So far, I have only ordered home decor & small furniture items from them. To be honest, I did have a bad experience with them a few years back when I ordered a down comforter. Somehow, they shipped me the wrong comforter THREE times in a row!! How does that happen? smh. But, I have since forgiven them and they will continue to stay on my top 10 online shopping list because their prices are great! The also offer free shipping on most of their home decor & furniture items. Overstock-logo  on 6.) AllModern is a sister site of Wayfair & DwellStudio. AllModern sells more modern style furniture, accessories, lighting, etc. There are a few things sold here that can also be found on Wayfair, but they will more than likely be the exact same price. allmodern  logo on 7.) Lamps Plus not only sells lighting, but they have furniture, home decor and hardware as well. An interesting thing about Lamps Plus is that you can design your own custom lighting shades and wall art. I have not yet purchased any of the customizable items though. I've only played around with the options online. lampsplus  logo on 8.) Yes, Amazon sells furniture and home decor too!!!! Of course everybody knows about Amazon right? One nice thing about this site is that not only can you choose whether or not to buy an item "New" or "Used", but you also have the option to purchase from other authorized sellers on Amazon that have the item you want. It's always a good thing to have options! Amazon also offers free shipping on most of their furniture. Amazon  logo on 9.) CraigsList is my go-to spot for second-hand and used furniture. I find the most amazing things on CraigsList sometimes. I also use this site to sell my own items as well. There is even a section on the site for people posting FREE stuff to give away. And if you see something you want that's free, you better jump on it because it will be gone in a flash! The site also lists local garage sales, yard sales, estate sales, etc. The most recent thing that I purchased off of CraigsList was my dining room table for only 60 bucks. I refurbished it and now it looks like a $500 table. I do have to put out a disclaimer though: If you shop on this site, just be careful. Sometimes there are post that can be scams, etc. And if you are going to someone's house to pickup an item...don't go alone. But, please don't let that scare you off. Have fun shopping safely!!! craigslist  logo on 10.) Krrb is another classifieds site similar to CraigsList, but way more reliable and you don't have to worry about SPAM. They allow you to connect with your neighbors in a more trusted environment.  The site allows users to post items to sale for free of charge. You can shop locally or extend your search to different states, etc. And if you like an item someone is selling, you also have access to check out their "Corner" to see what other goodies they have posted for sale. I LOVE Krrb. If you are interested in finding out what items I personally have for sale, check out My Krrb Corner. Krrb  logo on Just for kicks and giggles these 2 sites below are AWESOME...but EXPENSIVE!!! I am probably gonna have to win the lottery before I am able to shop at these spots. But that doesn't stop me from frequently visiting their sites to look at all of the pretty stuff...that I can only dream of having! Heck,  I get a trade discount at DwellStudio as well, but man, I still can't afford it! LBVS horchow logo on DwellStudio logo on What are some of your favorite online shopping sites for furniture and home decor? Any recommendations? Leave a comment below. I am always looking for more shopping resources to add to my list! »»»»SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG«««« [mc4wp_form] S/N: if you're in the mood to purchase some one-of-akind handmade home is a link to my Etsy Shop:

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