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My Search For The Perfect "Saarinen" Style Dining Table On A Budget

PINTEREST - white saarinen tulip style dining table on I am obsessed with Vintage Modern EVERYTHING! Basically, the "Vintage Modern" decorating style is combing old / vintage items with NEW pieces. It took a while for me to choose the style of table that I wanted for my dining room. I wanted it to be "different" and I definitely didn't want wood OR glass. I hate glass! :( I really wanted to achieve an eclectic look. During my search, I came across the following INSPIRATION pic on Apartment Therapy: [caption id="attachment_2682" align="alignnone" width="700"]Inspiration table - Modern Eero Saarinen Table by Knoll[/caption] When I saw this, I screamed "YAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! This is IT!" The Saarinen Tulip Table is the epitome of MODERN! And I had to have it. The problem is that...these suckas are hella expensive! smh My budget was extremely small. Authentic Saarinen tables average around $2,000! Ummmm, hecky NAW I ain't paying that $$$ for no dining table. (I really wish you could see my facial expression as I typed that!) And so the search begins...

1. Saarinen 47" Dining Table - Room and Board ($2,199)

Saarinen 47-inch Dining Table - Room and Board $2,199

2. Saarinen 42" Dining Table - Allmodern ($2,064)

Saarinen 42-inch Dining Table - Allmodern $2,064

3. LexMod 48" Eero Saarinen Style - Amazon ($443.48)

LexMod 48" Eero Saarinen Style - Amazon

4. Corona 48" Dining Table - Dania Furniture ($699)

Corona 48" dining table - Dania Furniture

5. Ikea 42" Docksta Table ($199)

Ikea 42" Docsta Table ($199) Clearly, this table at IKEA is the most economical of them all, BUT as most IKEA looks cheezy to me. See the area where the arrows point to? Those lines where the middle part connects the table top & the base annoys the heck outta me. Also, this table is the smallest out of them all, measuring at only 42 inches in diameter. »»»»SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG«««« [mc4wp_form] Of course, even though I WAS planning to purchase the IKEA table...for no other reason besides than it was the only option that I could afford that was close to what I wanted. That was until I went to Dania Furniture and saw that they had a table on the clearance floor. (It's the #4 option listed above for $699). Even though I knew the table was out of my price range, I still wanted to go and look at it in person. And THANK GOODNESS that I am so persistent on finding a good deal. The table they had on the clearance floor was marked down from $699 to $199. I almost did a happy dance right there in the store. The reason that it was put on clearance was because the top had a few scratches on it. See below.... white saarinen tulip style dining table on 5 white saarinen tulip style dining table on 6 white saarinen tulip style dining table on 4 I am very particular about certain things and I had to weigh my options about this purchase. - The IKEA table was also priced at $199 BUT it was way smaller measuring at only 42". - The IKEA table was the same style BUT it looked kind of cheap-ish - Since the IKEA table would be purchased new, I could return it or exchange it if there was a problem with it. - The Dania table was the same price as the IKEA table, BUT it was larger measuring at 48" - The Dania table was made of better quality & construction than the IKEA table. - Since the table was in clearance, it was a FINAL SALE and could not be returned. At the end of the day, I realized that I could deal with the minor imperfections on the Dania table. The scratches were really small and no one would really notice them anyway. The table was larger. And I value durability and quality over price any day. Sooooooo.... I chose to get the Dania table that was on clearance. And I LOVE it soooooooo freakin' much!!!! I paired it with some mid century modern walnut chairs that I found at the thrift store. I reupholstered the chairs in a gray leather to match the color of my sofa. white saarinen tulip style dining table on MAIN - white saarinen tulip style dining table on white saarinen tulip style dining table on 1 white saarinen tulip style dining table on 3 white saarinen tulip style dining table on 2 CAN YOU SPOT THE IMPERFECTIONS????? Nope! I didn't think so. LOL So how do you like my new "BUDGET" dining table? * Don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter. And please share with you friends! :)  [mc4wp_form] Also, if you're in the market to purchase some handmade, one-of-a-kind wall decor for your is a link to my Etsy Shop:

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