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Small Kitchen Renovation On A Budget

Small Kitchen Renovation On A Budget

When you purchase a foreclosure, that usually means there's gonna be some work that needs to be done. In this case, I had to actually clean out the property myself. There was old junk and trash everywhere. The kitchen was a hot mess. And did I mention that it was FILTHY!!! Yup, it was straight up disgusting. Renovating this kitchen was a no-brainer!

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The old OAK cabinets were covered in grease. Ugggghhhhhhh. The cheap countertop was damaged and on its last legs. The window was boarded up. The ceramic tile AND the grout was super dirty. Only someone like me can look past all of the dirt & grim  in order to see the true potential for this space.

This kitchen was your typical “L-shape” design BUT there was no logical place to put a refrigerator.  There were actually 2 entrances to this kitchen (1 entrance by the stove and the other on the opposite side right off of the dining room). I actually have no idea where the previous owners had their fridge placed. It was so weird.

My solution to this problem was to close off one of the entrances to the kitchen. The entrance next to the stove was really unnecessary, so that one had to go! Its fairly simple to close off an interior door way. All you need is a few 2×4′s and drywall. 

Once the doorway was closed up, it allowed more space for me to incorporate an additional base cabinet next to the stove PLUS the refrigerator and wall cabinet above it. Now this kitchen flows like it should.

I chose new Espresso cabinets from The Home Depot. I made sure to wait around for their 20% off sale on in-stock cabinets. I saved a ton of money with that sale. The green glass tile backsplash is from Century tile. The bamboo flooring is from Lumber Liquidators. And of course, I had to install stainless steel appliances. The countertop is special order laminate from The Home Depot.

The total cost for this budget kitchen remodel was around $7,000 (including labor, materials, and appliances). The cost actually wouldn't have been as high as it was if it were not for my splurge item. I just HAD to get the Electrolux double oven gas range stove with the touch screen control pad for ($2,100). I fell in love with this stove when I saw it in the store. Many folks don't understand why I paid so much money for a stove, but oh well. It was a gift TO myself...FROM myself!!! :)

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kitchen 1 on kitchen 2 on kitchen 5 on kitchen 7 on kitchen 8 on kitchen 10 on kitchen 4 on kitchen 9 on So leave a comment below and tell me what you think of this budget kitchen remodel? Is there anything that you think I should have / could have done differently? Or was there a way that I could have completed the project for less $$ ? Also feel free to share your latest budget kitchen renovation pics with me. I'd love to see them. Oh...and don't forget to subscribe to my blog so you can stay up-to-date on all of my awesome posts!!! Easy Peezy! :)

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