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My FAV Thrift Find: Vintage Cane Back Chairs

My FAV Thrift Find: Vintage Cane Back Chairs

mcm chairs on As you all know...I am a huge fan of vintage / mid-century modern furniture. Last year, I found these 2 AWESOME cane back chairs at the thrift store. It was love at first sight!!!!! Out of all of my years of thrifting, I think these chairs are my favorite find. My initial thought was to purchase them and do a quick resale for a profit. (And btw I could have made a HUGE profit from reselling them). BUT, I loved them so much, that I just decided to keep them and use them as accent chairs in my living room.

Even though both chairs were in excellent condition, I really didn't care too much for the fabric that was on the seats. I wanted to do something funky and girly, but also retain that retro vibe from the style of the chair. 



inspiration 3 Sourceinspiration 1 Source[/caption]  

I found a heavy weight Alpaca Faux Fur fabric at to reupholster the seats. (Side note: is a great place to shop for fabrics & yarn, etc for reasonable prices...but just know that they are slow as hell shipping out orders)!!! smh So my chairs sat in the living room like this for 2 weeks while I waited patiently on my fabric to arrive in the mail. :( mcm before Anyhoo, I love this fuzzy fabric. It made my vintage chairs look even sexier! Yup, that's chairs are SEXY! lmao main - mcm chairs on mcm chairs on 3 mcm chairs on 6 mcm chairs on 2 mcm chairs on 4 mcm chairs on 5 mcm chairs on Don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter. And make your friends do it too!!!! :) [mc4wp_form] Also, if you're in the mood to purchase some cool home is a link to my Etsy Shop:

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