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Ikea Hack - DIY Work Table Using Ikea Expedit Bookcase

Ikea Hack - DIY Work Table Using Ikea Expedit Bookcase

ikea Expedit - hack on Here is a quick & easy Ikea-Hack that I did to make a work table for the crafting projects that I do in my basement. Prior to making this table, I had no real designated area or surface to use that was the proper height to work with. I would use anything from card the washing machine & dryer as a work surface. It was super inconvenient, but I just didn't want to spend the money on a new work bench / table. Last month, around the time when I was working on my reclaimed wood tea light holders, my BFF & her husband came over to visit. They talked about me soooooo bad to the point that I was pretty much forced to stop working on my washer & dryer. lbvvs So, it wasn't until then, that I changed my mind and decided that I needed SOMETHING...ANYTHING, other that what I was currently using. I already had the Expedit bookcase from Ikea. I believe I had it for about 3-4 was originally purchased for my home office. Since I am no longer utilizing the space for an office, this piece of furniture was just sitting there collecting dust. My idea was to repurpose the bookcase into a work table. Here is the Ikea bookcase that I used: (Btw, when I purchased the bookcase years ago, it was called the "Expedit", but Ikea recently changed the name of it to the "Kallax" shelving unit.) »»»»SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG«««« [mc4wp_form] With the bookcase laying horizontally on it's side, it was about 5-8 inches or so lower than what i needed the height to be. Once I added the 2" thick piece of pine and the casters, it raised the height of the table, which turned out perfect!!!! TOOLS / MATERIALS USED: - Power Drill - Drill bit - Locking Casters (supports up to 250 lbs) - Loctite Power Grab - (adhesion glue) - Screws for the casters -  2" x 24" x72" piece of solid pine wood pine wood I used a drill bit to make the holes for the screws to go in. Then I installed the casters to the bottom of the bookcase / shelving unit. Once the casters were all installed, I flipped the bookcase over. casters 2 There was really no prep required prior to gluing the wood to the top of the bookcase. I just needed to make sure that the surface was clean to ensure proper adhesion of the glue. The Loctite Power Grab is a construction adhesive. I used this glue because its extremely high tack adhesive eliminates the need for nails and screws in many DIY and repair jobs. And since I don't have a nail gun anyway...this was the perfect solution for me. Oh, when choosing the wood, I wanted the piece to extend over the actual dimensions of the it would have a slight over-hang on each end. This option allowed me to have an even larger work space surface. I added the glue to both the top of the bookcase AND the bottom of the wood. I made sure that the wood was center on the bookcase like I wanted and then pressed down very hard to make sure the glue adhered to both surfaces. I also added a bunch of heavy paint cans on top of the table. The weight from the cans would ensure that the wood stuck to the table while the glue dried. bookcase with paint cans Once the glue dried, I coated the top of the wood with a few coats of satin polyurethane for added protection. Here is the end result. It was so super simple. Sorry the pics aren't the greatest. The lighting in my basement is horrible. :( But, I love my table. I have a 2nd bookcase like this and I am going to make another work table for my new craft room. (Stay tuned for that blog post)! DIY - ikea hack - work table on While you're still here...checkout my Etsy shop:* Also, don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter. * [mc4wp_form]
Jan 20, 2017

So cool, love Ikea and there items are definitely easy to hack. Great Job!. Stop by and say hello. :)


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