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How to quickly reupholster a footstool

How to quickly reupholster a footstool

I found this little gem for $10 at a flea market. I am not sure what that cream-ish looking fabric is but, it was NOT attractive at all.   footstool-before-1     footstool-before-2     I spray painted the wood in a glossy black paint and reupholstered the cushion. For extra flare, I added some silver upholstery tacks around the edge. This once blah footstool has now gone from Shab to Fab in less than a day!   footstool-after-3     footstool-after-2     footstool-after-1      
Jan 20, 2017

Love it!!! It defintely went from Shab to Fab!!

Karla Smith

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