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Home Decor Mobile Boutiques

Home Decor Mobile Boutiques

UPDATED (10/16/14): I have found several more mobile boutiques that sell furniture and/or home decor and I updated this post to include them.

----------------------------------------------------------- If you haven't heard yet, fashion trucks a.k.a. mobile boutiques are becoming all the rage now! These fashion trucks are popping up everywhere and there are currently over 400 mobile boutiques across the U.S. These boutiques carry all sorts of items from clothing, fashion accessories, shoes, handmade and vintage items, jewelry and even home decor & furniture. If you want to learn more about fashion trucks and/or search for a mobile boutique in your area, then check out Find A Fashion Truck (FFT). was created by ME and my bestie, Nache. We have a love for fashion, design, and empowering others, especially women, to own their own business. Not only does FFT allow you to search for fashion trucks / mobile boutiques by location, but you can also search for trucks that carry a specific items. The FFT site also provides an up-to-date calender of fashion truck events. findafashiontruck-250 The concept of a mobile boutique is really genius! Lately, I have been contemplating the idea of opening my own mobile boutique in order to sell my refurbished furniture pieces. Economically, that would make more sense than trying to open up an actual retail store, which would entail either renting a space or buying property. Also, by being in a mobile setting, it will allow me the opportunity to reach more people and I could deliver straight to my customers and allow them to shop at their leisure, right in front of their own homes. I would still need a nice chunk of change for this mobile boutique venture. »»»»SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG«««« [mc4wp_form] The major cost would be finding just the right truck, van or camper, etc to tote around my fabulous DIY / refurbished furnishings. Then on top of actual purchase of the truck, there is renovation costs. The truck will have to be outfitted to my design style specifications...and I know that aint gonna be cheap! Buying an older used truck is definitely the way to go, but even used trucks can be expensive, especially for broke folks like myself. I don't have $20k - $40k just laying around. Yup, that's probably about the amount of money I would need to get my home decor mobile boutique biz up and running. Actually, considering the fact that I have expensive tastes, it'll probably cost me way more money than that. Plus I really would like a new truck. Crazy thinking for somebody who's already complaining about start-up costs huh? IKR. Don't mind me...I'm just dreaming. My dream truck would be the 2014 RAM PROMASTER® 3500 CARGO VAN HIGH ROOF 159" WB EXT. This commercial van would be perfect because it's super high roof would comfortably accommodate customers as they walk around and shop inside. Plus the length is 159" with an additional extended part, which would allow for more furniture pieces. The van would be white with my gold leaf logo. I would make it super plush and girly chic on the inside with hardwood floors, bold patterned wall paper, a gorgeous chandelier, etc etc etc. Ahhhhh sounds great doesn't it? But the MSRP for this sucka runs about $37,000. SMH. What a shame. Its nice to dream though :( RAM ProMaster 3500 on Anyhoo, back to reality!!!! Clearly, starting a mobile boutique business is not as easy as it sounds. Considering this, my business partner and I plan to implement a "How To Start A Fashion Truck" page on that provides visitors with the tools and steps required to begin a business such as this. Since this is a Home Decorating blog, I have featured a few mobile boutiques below that sell home decor accessories and furniture.

The Urban Cottage (Dallas, TX)

"This mobile airstrean boutique, named Lucy, was opened in 2012. The Urban Cottage sells repurposed and refurbished vintage furniture pieces with a twist." The Urban Cottage on

Carovana Mobile Boutique (Walla Walla, Washington)

"Carovana Mobile Boutique is 1979 vintage camper converted into the cutest space you can imagine. Owned, created, and being enjoyed by Kimberly Miner. Carovana is an unique mobile shopping experience with everything from home accessories, furniture, jewelry, unique finds, linens, candles, accessories and more." Carovana Mobile Boutique on

Ginger Lily Boutique (Witchita, Kansas)

"Ginger Lily Boutique is a traveling fashion boutique in Wichita, KS, carrying handbags, trendy clothing, boutique jewelry, home decor & gifts! Stop in for a unique and intimate shopping experience and one-of-a-kind pieces!" Ginger Lily Boutique on

The Butler's Pantry (Escalon, California)

"The Butler's Pantry is a mobile boutique offering the latest in home decor, kitchen gadget's and cookware. The Butler's Pantry is available for private parties and events." The Butler's Pantry on

Uniquely Attainable - repurBUS (Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota)

"Uniquely Attainable - repurBUS is a home decor store located within a renovated school bus. The boutique sells a wide variety of items for your home: Pillows, Lamps, Chairs, Tables, Art, Benches and more." Uniquely Attainable on --------------------------------------------------

Stabiles (Santa Barbara, California)

"Stabiles are hand-crafted wire sculptures made from a single wire accentuated by a Tillandsia. They are constructed without the use of adhesives or welding. The structures embody a unique aesthetic by balancing weight and space in an organic form."

The Go Girl Shoppe (Raleigh, North Carolina)

"The Go Girl Shoppe is a traveling shop selling fun eclectic accessories and treasures. We are located in Raleigh, but travel all around North Carolina bringing a new shopping experience to our customers!" The Go Girl Shoppe on

Gypsy A GoGo NY (Brooklyn, New York)

"Gypsy A GoGo NY is a mobile boutique in Brooklyn that sells women’s clothing, handcrafted jewelry, Italian leather purses, home goods, and more." Gypsy A GoGo NY on

Village on the Go (Richfield, Minnesota)

"Arc’s Value Village is the Twin Cities’ best thrift store. The Arc Value’s Village On The Go fashion truck carries clothing for women, men and children, accessories (shoes, NEW socks, jewelry, belts, scarves, hats), kitchen items, housewares, home decor, sporting gear, furniture, antiques & collectibles, luggage, etc." Village on The Go on

Barefoot Gypsy Boutique (Gulf Breeze, Florida)

"Barefoot Gypsy Boutique is an Online & Mobile Boutique with a wonderfully eclectic collection of whimsical and bohemian inspired apparel, jewelry and home accents." Barefoot Gypsy Boutique on

Selvedge Dry Goods (Los Angeles ,California)

"Selvedge Dry Goods offers a mix of affordable vintage, eco-friendly and locally made products for your wardrobe and home. Every product they carry must have an element of sustainability, whether it is fair trade, locally made, vintage, re-claimed or re-constructed clothing." Selvedge Dry Goods on

Boho Chic Traveling Boutique (Los Angeles, California)

"Boho Chic Traveling Boutique is L.A.’s first very unique home furnishings boutique on wheels. We also offer candles, vintage clothing & many one of kind items and interior styling." Boho Chic Traveling Boutique on

Velvet Chandelier (Wills Point, Texas)

"Velvet Chandelier is a wonderland for gypsy sophisticates, vintage lovers, relovers of relics and lovers of funky junk. The mobile boutique sells repurposed antiques, shabby chic pieces, vintage inspired clothing, funky home decor & accessories, vintage and hand crafted jewelry and original artistic designs. They even offer personalized pieces and monogrammed vintage pieces." Velvet Chandelier on

Objects of Affection (Falcon, Colorado)

"Objects of Affection is a mobile boutique that carries handmade jewelry, vintage home decor, art and more!" Objects of Affection on

Haulin’ Sass (Walla Walla, Washington)

"Haulin’ Sass is a blend of the new and the vintage, from the shabby chic to the retro. Sassy home decor and fashion accessories hauled in a 1967 Fireball trailer from wine country in Walla Walla, WA." Haulin' Sass on

Sisters of Nature (Nashville, Tennessee)

"Sisters of Nature is a Nashville-based mobile boutique housed in a lovely converted 1954 mint green camper featuring vintage + handmade goods. All our product lines are sourced locally and made by hand. As if that doesn’t make Sisters of Nature unique enough we also run on solar power, use 100% recycled or eco friendly papers, and proceeds from every purchase help impoverished women both locally and internationally. Sisters of Nature is known for its array of perfectly eclectic gifts including home goods, bath & body products, accessories, and paper goods." sisters of nature on

Mineral + Matter (Salt Lake City, Utah)

"Mineral + Matter is a mobile boutique that carries gifts for the home, jewelry, art prints and handmade goods created by talented artisans. The truck is themed around the idea of a natural history museum meeting a space observatory. " Mineral + Matter on Don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter. And make your friends do it too!!!! :) [mc4wp_form] S/N: if you're in the mood to purchase some one-of-akind handmade home is a link to my Etsy Shop:
Jan 20, 2017

Hi Kim! Thanks for the info. I will definitely add them to the list. :)

Jan 20, 2017

Style a Go-Go in Minnesota also carries both clothing and accessories as well as home decor! :)

Jan 20, 2017

Thank you so much! :)

Jan 20, 2017

Your work rocks….

Sharice Brown

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