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DIY Handmade Wood Tea Light Candle Holders

DIY Handmade Wood Tea Light Candle Holders

DIY-reclaimed-wood-tea-light-candle-holders-7-on-astralriles.com_1 Hi all, I just wanted to share my latest DIY project...Reclaimed wood tea light candle holders. Originally, I saw some candles holders on Etsy that were really cool...and I thought to myself, "Oh, I can totally do that MYSELF!!!" I picked up a bunch of wood for about $15 from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. The remaining materials + tools (saw, drill bits, sander, wood stain, etc) I already had at home. The tea light candles I picked up from the Dollar store (a pack of 16 tea lights was only $1)! So this entire project cost me less than $20 total. Since I was in work-mode most of the time, I completely forgot to take pics of the cutting & sanding process on the wood. But here is a pic of one of the candle holders after I have shaped the wood, sanded it and drilled the holes for the tea lights. 



More pics:

For a first-timer, I think these came out GREAT! I love the rustic vibe so much. I gave most of these away for Christmas gifts and the rest I am using in my living room. The plan is to start making more of these and sell them on my Etsy shop. So, stay tuned folks!!!! Don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter. And make your friends do it too!!!! :) [mc4wp_form] S/N, if you're in the mood to purchase some one-of-akind handmade home is a link to my Etsy Shop:
Jan 20, 2017

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