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Decorating With Mirrors: Add Some Pizzazz To Your Walls

Decorating With Mirrors: Add Some Pizzazz To Your Walls

Pyramid Mirror - Urban Outfitters_39 on astral riles Decorating with mirrors can definitely spruce up a space. They can bring life to a room in more ways than you know. Mirrors are also great for SMALL spaces. They reflect light and give the illusion that the space is bigger than what it actually is. In this post, I want to share some of my favorite wall mirrors. And they will NOT be the boring ol' run-of-the-mill square or rectangle mirrors either. I like mirrors with pizzazz or character. I am attracted to irregular & geometric shapes and also anything that has dimension and gives off an architectural vibe. Here is a list of my FAV wall & floor mirrors + where to buy them. They range in price from "Pretty Reasonable" all the way up to "Oh Hell, No! It  looks good but I'd never pay for it!"

1. Mercury Row Ogee Mirror at - $89

Mercury Row Ogee Mirror_89 - Wayfair on astral riles

2. Monte Mirrors at West Elm - $99

Monte Mirrors 99 - west elm on astral riles

3. Faceted Mirror at West Elm - $249

Faceted Mirror - 249 WEST ELM on astralriles

4. Kia Wall Mirror at - $192

Kia Wall Mirror - 192 WAYFAIR on astralriles

5. Pyramid Mirror at Urban Outfitters - $39

Pyramid Mirror - Urban Outfitters_39 on astral riles

6. IMAX Oriana Wall Mirror at - $129

IMAX Oriana Wall Mirror - 129 WAYFAIR on astralriles

7. Clarendon Large Wall Mirror at Crate and Barrel - $249

Clarendon Large Wall Mirror 249 - CRATE AND BARREL on astralriles

8. Rosemeade Mirror at Horchow - $298

Rosemeade Mirror - 298_HORCHOW on astralriles

9. Reflections Mirror at Pier1 - $135

Reflections Mirror 135 - PIER1 on astralriles

10. Westwood Asher Mirror at - $318

Westwood Asher Mirror - 318 WAYFAIR on astralriles

11. Mirror by Capital Lighting at - $400

Mirror by Capital Lighting - 400 WAYFAIR on astralriles

12. Arched Paned Mirror at Pottery Barn - $589

ARCHED PANED MIRROR 589 - Pottery Barn on astralriles

13. Avidan Leaner Mirror at Home Decorators - $359

AVIDAN LEANER MIRROR - 359 Home Decorators on astralriles

14. Axis Floor Mirror at ZGallerie - $999

Axis Floor Mirror - 999 ZGALLERIE on astralriles

15. Belle Epoque Antiqued Panel Mirror at Restoration Hardware - $759 to $1689

BELLE EPOQUE ANTIQUED PANEL MIRROR 759-1689 Restoration Hardware on astralriles

16. Mirror by Artmax at - $550

Mirror by Artmax - 550 WAYFAIR on astralriles

17. Palazzo Antique Glass Octagonal Mirror at Restoration Hardware - $759

PALAZZO ANTIQUED-GLASS OCTAGONAL MIRROR 759 - Restoration Hardware on astralriles Until next time.... 
Jan 20, 2017

Hi Aneisha! IKR, every time i see something that i really like…it ends up being so expensive. Sometimes I shout out oh hell naw in the store. lol

Jan 20, 2017

How come all the “oh hell no” mirrors so gorgeous?! Every time I come across a mirror that makes me drool the price makes me cry for the Lord. Good Post!

Aneisha Christie

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