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Budget Bathroom Renovation

Budget Bathroom Renovation

Everybody loves bathroom remodels right? Well, I know I do!!!! This bathroom was a tough one though. The remodel was just supposed to be quick and simple...until someone had broke into the property and busted the walls out and stole all of the copper pipes! O_O So, now the renovation budget just increased because that meant MORE labor, MORE materials, etc etc. I was soooooo upset. BEFORE- bath on I decided to just replace everything. The deep soaker tub was actually in great condition, but I still got rid of it because it took up too much space. The tile surrounding the tub extended out about 4-5 inches, which didn't leave much room between the tub and the toilet. I replaced the soaker tub with a standard tub and purchased a low profile toilet. I also choose a narrow vanity to ensure that there is enough open floor area to move around in the tiny bathroom. I wish I could have gotten a pic of the inside of the tub area but since the bathroom is so small, it was hard just to get a good angle for the pic. Oh well... I found these awesome textured ceramic 16x16 tiles at Century Tile that I just had to have. I loved them so much that I decided to install them on the walls and in the shower area as well. The cost for this bathroom remodel including labor and materials was around $2700. That's really not too bad huh? bath 2 on bath 1 on bath floor on
Jan 20, 2017

Love it! Can you tell me what small toilet you used? I’m planning a renovation with exactly the same problem! Standard size toilet and HUGE jacuzzi tub. They are just way too close for comfort. Thank you!


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