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Another spray paint review - Rust-oleum's

Another spray paint review - Rust-oleum's "Universal" brand

Hello all, A few months back I did a post on my favorite spray paint product, Rust-oleum. Today, I have to amend my review. While Rust-oleum has several different spray paint brands and/or product types, most of them get great reviews from me. BUT there is one particular brand that SUCKS....the Rust-oleum "UNIVERSAL Paint & Primer In One".     rustoleum     Usually, the only reasons to purchase a paint & primer all-in-one product is to cut back on time and the number of steps required to complete the project. And sometimes its also cheaper to buy an all-in-one product. I purchased the Universal brand on 2 different occasions and I was disappointed both times. Each time I purchased this product at The Home Depot at a cost of $6.97/can....thee most expensive can of spray paint the store had to offer. SMH. The major problem is the actual spray coverage. The design of this particular can is different than other spray paints, so the wider nozzle allows for a faster spray. The spray is indeed faster BUT the spray is also uncontrolled. There was more paint that ended up on the floor and my clothing than it did on the actual item that I was attempting to paint. Because of all the wasted paint, that meant that I had to buy more cans. And at almost $7 a can I ended up spending way more money than I should have on my project. I would have been better off just buying the paint and primer separately using a different brand. Now, through all of my trials and tribulations with all-in-one spray paints, I deem Krylon's Dual Paint + Primer to be the BEST! I have always been pleased with the finished product when using this brand. It comes in a regular can with a regular nozzle and does an awesome job. AND this product costs about half the price as the Rust-oleum Universal brand, which is always a plus in my book. Unfortunately, The Home Depot doesn't sell this product, so I always have to purchase it at Walmart.     krylon       So, to sum up my review...I will NEVER ever ever ever ever buy and/or use Rust-oleum "UNIVERSAL Paint & Primer In One" again because it is horrible.    

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