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A Simple and Inexpensive Centerpiece Using Fresh Flowers

A Simple and Inexpensive Centerpiece Using Fresh Flowers

When searching for home decor accessories, you don't always have to go out and buy pre-made pieces.  Sometimes you can make your own...for waaaayyyyyy less money than what you'd pay in the store. Here is an easy to make table centerpiece that is simple, elegant and inexpensive. All you need is the following:
  • Clear glass bowl
  • Rocks
  • 1 fresh flower bud
  • Water
Choose a bowl shape & size to fit the scale of the table. If the bowl is too big OR too small, then it won't look right. Next fill about 1/4 of the bowl with rocks. You can find small bags of river rocks at the Dollar Store for $1.00. Fill the bowl half way with water. And finally, using the flower of your choice, cut off 1 bud and place it inside of the bowl on top of the water. The total cost for this centerpiece was $7.00 !!!!!   table-centerpiece-2  
Jan 20, 2017

Hi Sandra.
Thanks! I found this bowl at Hobby Lobby.

Jan 20, 2017

Love your centerpiece. Would very much like to find bowls like the ones you used. Where did you get them? Please e-mail me, thank youl. Sandy

Sandra T.

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